Tai Chi Chuan

Grupo Arte em Movimento - Juiz de Fora, MG - Brazil
Si Fu Clodoaldo S. Castro and Si Mo Cida


The Art of Supreme Energy

The Tai Chi Chuan is part of internal school of Traditional Chinese Martial Art named Wu Shu, also known as Kuo Shu (National Art).
It was popularized worldwide as Kung Fu whose expression can be translated as: Ability to time, Working Time;denoting what's done with all heart and what's done well, towards reach a level of mastery in various arts, not only martial.
We can translate the Tai Chi Chuan as different forms, but it literally means: "Art of Supreme Ridge" - Tai: Supreme; Chi: Limit; Chuan: Fist, fight, martial art.

The Tai Chi Chuan, in its singular characteristic, exercises and circulates in body, the energy that generates and keeps the life. This energy in chinese language is known as Qi, by Hindus it's known as Prana and by the Japaneses as Ki