Tai Chi Chuan

Grupo Arte em Movimento - Juiz de Fora, MG - Brazil
Si Fu Clodoaldo S. Castro and Si Mo Cida


Integration with ourselves

The main objective of Tai Chi Chuan is the integration with ourselves and with the universe, which its movimentation remember us very well. As martial art, the Tai Chi Chuan uses the force of attack of the opponent against him, not relying the initial intention of attacking. The greatest influence of Tai Chi Chuan is Taoism, an ancient chinese philosophy that has as a goal the return to the source, to our true essence and to our union with Tao (The way, the supreme cosmic consciousness).
A chapter in book of Taoism, the Tao Te Ching, which was written by Lao Tse, says the following:

"We see the TAO as we are, and not as it is"

"The universe has no preferences as man know. The universe is like a bellows of a forge, that, although empty, provides energy. And the more we feed the flame, the more we switch on it, the more we talk
about the Universe, the less we understand it. It's best listen, in silence."

- Lao Tse