Tai Chi Chuan

Grupo Arte em Movimento - Juiz de Fora, MG - Brazil
Si Fu Clodoaldo S. Castro and Si Mo Cida


The Legendary origin of Tai Chi Chuan

This legend of XII century, in Sung Dynasty, tells that in a certain time, the sage Chang San Feng was meditating in a Wudang mountain temple (located at Hubei province, Northwest of China) and heard something in the temple courtyard. Rising up, he opened the window to see what was going on. He saw a heron perched on a tree making a threatening sound, and a snake down on the ground in position to fight. Then, a fight started between this two animals. The heron was attacking continuously with its beak of saber and the serpent was, easily, dodging with wavy movements. In the fight there was no winner, but Chang San Feng, with his wise view, realized the Yin Yang principles (opposite forces of nature) in this fight. The flexible and fragile, overcomes the hard and rigid.