Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Eagle Claw Kung Fu - Juiz de Fora, MG
Si Fu Clodoaldo S. Castro and Si Mo Cida


To Dai Clodoaldo and Grandmaster Lily Lau

Sifu Clodoaldo da Silva Castro follows the Eagle Claw Kung Fu System, from Lau Fat Man Lineage, which heir and daughter is the Grand Master Lily Lau. Her school and the International Federation has it's headquartes in San Francisco, California.

In 1999, he joined an event in which he had his first contact with the Grand Master. This relationship continued in 2001, in Rio de Janeiro, and kept on by letters. As a result of this approach, in 2006, he became her direct student.

In Brazil, he is one of her official representatives, and continues the work of the Lineage in his school, TAO – Centro de Cultura Oriental, located in Juiz de Fora, MG – Where, on March 2007, the Grand Master Lily Lau and her disciple Kalman Wong were, to transmit knowledge and apply a seminar.

In 2008, Sifu Clodoaldo received his Lifetime Membership for the Lily Lau Eagle Claw Kung Fu Federation International.

In the following year, he went to China together with the Grand Master. The travel was focused in demonstrations, techniques improvement and a participation in an International Tournament. Clodoaldo brought to Brazil a bronze medal in bare hands category and a gold medal in weapons category. During the visit to the famous Eagle Claw Village (North of China), he met Masters and learned new techniques and, yet, had the honor to make a homage in Chang Tsi Cheng Grave (6th Generation of the Eagle Claw Kung Fu). From there he travelled to the South and visited the South Shaoling Temple, in Fukin and the Traditional Chin Woo Association, in Xangai.

The return to China came in 2010, with the same objectives, in Hong Kong, on March, Sifu Clodoaldo received from Grand Master Lily Lau the title of To Dai, in a ceremony at the side of the Si Jo Lau Fat Mang’s grave. On August, in the International Kung Fu Tournament, he conquered two gold medals - bare hands and weapons.

In 2012, after the cicle of travels to China, his training in the International Headquarters in San Francisco began, integrating his learning with the Grand Master travels to Brazil. In 2013, in another trip to United States, he received the chinese name of Fat Yan, ,from the Kung Fu Family.

In a global event for the Grand Master Lily Lau’s 70th aniversary, of her 50th year of teaching and the 50th year of, her father, Lau Fat Mang’s death, the To Dai Fat Yan (), demonstrates the Siu Lin Wan Kune form. The event happened in Chinatown, on 2014, and counted with the presence of various countries representatives.

After the To Dai ceremony
Hong Kong - 2010
Clodoaldo with his Sifu Lily Lau
Chin Wu Association,
Shanghai - China, 2009
Clodoaldo in tomb Grandmaster Lau Zhi Chun