Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Eagle Claw Kung Fu - Juiz de Fora, MG
Si Fu Clodoaldo S. Castro and Si Mo Cida


About the Eagle Claw Kung Fu

Ying Jaw Fan Tsi Moon (Acrobatic Eagle Claw Kung Fu System) is a Traditional Chinese Martial Art System from North of China. The General Kgok Fei taught his soldiers the techniques that he learned with the Shaolin Monk Jow Tong from the Famous Shaolin Monastery.
These techniques includes:
  • Jau (Grab)
  • Da (Strike)
  • Kum (Catch)
  • Na (Hold)
  • Fan Gun (Separate the tendons)
  • Cho Gwat (Dislocating the joints)
  • Dim Yuet (Strike precisely the pressure points)
  • Baai Hei (Stop the breathing)
  • Sim Gin (fast changing stances)
  • Tun Nok (Jump and take away)

(Kgok Fei's Temple in Hangzhou, China)